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Lila Melody

Lila Melody

"Lila Melody" is a watercolor series inspired by a weekend retreat I took just an hour away from Vienna. Seeking solitude and connection with nature, I created three illustrations during this time, capturing the world through a purple lens.


The series signifies the importance of investing time in oneself. In our hectic lives, it's easy to overlook self-reflection. It represents the depth of the experience and the rich, personal insights gained during that weekend. The decision to focus on this color was deliberate, as it symbolizes the balance between the calm of introspection and the vibrancy of self-discovery.


Investing time in oneself is an act of self-love, fostering clarity and a deeper connection with our inner selves. "Lila Melody" serves as a reminder to prioritize well-being and invites others to consider the transformative power of self-dedication.


Mit Aquarellfarben illustriert




hochwertigen, naturweißes und ECO-Naturpapier von 300gr



A3 (297x420 mm)


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