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Milestonecards for your pregnancy - "Home"

Milestonecards for your pregnancy - "Home"

You're pregnant! Congratulations!

It's a miracle what we women can do. A little person forms and grows within you, who will forever fill your life with happiness.


It is such a beautiful phase that it is worth remembering forever. Even if it's not your first baby, you'll know - although they are wonderful months - that many things are forgotten.


During my pregnancy I enjoyed the whole process of growing my baby and my belly, the photos and the details were my accomplices to keep these memories forever. That's why I created this collection, so you can use these cards to commemorate those sweet moments.


I bring to you the Home collection of 31 unique cards inspired by my new home. They are 115x165mm in size with rounded corners, printed on high quality 300gr paper and come in individual packaging so you can keep them safe.


The set includes the following cards:

- my pregnancy

- 8th week

- 10th week

- 12th week

- 14th week

- 16 week

- 18th week

- 20th week

- 22nd week

- 24th week

- 26th week

- 28th week

- 30th week

- 32nd week

- 34th week

- 36th week

- 38th week

- 40th week

- 41st week

- Surprise! baby on the way

- Your first ultrasound image

- We heard your heartbeat

- It's a girl

- It's a boy

- I felt you for the first time

- Half time, baby!

- We have a name

- I can not wait to see you

- Hospital bag is packed

- Soon it's time

- Hello World!


If you feel like sharing your photos with the cards, I'd love to see them. tags me on social media @twobluebrushes




High-quality, natural white and ECO natural paper of 300 g




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