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Kollektion "Pau´s Ocean"

Collection " Pau's Ocean "


My inspiration for these posters was my little son, Pau. I started making illustrations for his room while I was pregnant and the theme I liked the most was the sea and its thousand colors and shapes. That moment opened my eyes to other directions in my illustrations, suddenly I was fascinated by the world of children and the immense variety of possibilities.  


I really enjoyed painting these illustrations and realized how relaxing it was not only to paint them but also to look at them. Did you know that our brain changes when we are surrounded by the sea? It relaxes us, takes us away from our worries and encourages our creativity.  

It is precisely these feelings of calm, relaxation and well-being that I wanted to convey to my little boy in his room. With these illustrations I bring him a little closer to these feelings. I believe in the power of the sea, and you?


Decorate your baby's room with these illustrations, fun, sober and minimalist, A4 size (210x297mm) and A3 (297x420mm), painted with watercolor and printed on 300gr quality paper.

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